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Genevieve N.

Genevieve N.

Data Analyst I
Jacksonville, FL

1,270 miles and 25 hours— That is the mileage and travel time Genevieve “GG” spent per week commuting back and forth from her home in Dunnellon, Florida to Jacksonville to work as a customer service representative three and a half years ago.

Early in life, GG had her heart set on working in the healthcare industry. Originally, her sights were set on a career in nursing, but she quickly realized that was not for her. She opted for a more hands-off approach for a career in healthcare. A single mom of a then Kindergartener, GG was in college full-time pursuing a degree in organization management and bartended part-time to provide for her family. When she was hired at Availity, she was excited for the opportunity to get her foot in the door at a healthcare technology company and was determined to do so, even if that meant the 5-hour daily commute.

After working in the call center for 10 months, GG was promoted to a team lead in the Availity Client Services (ACS) department and was in that role for 1.5 years. Fred Darnell— Alliance Director and last month’s featured employee—recognized GG’s talent and sought her out to fill a role on his team as a Strategic Account Analyst. GG obtained her Master’s Degree in Health Informatics in order to continue her pursue a career in the healthcare technology space with assistance from Availity’s Tuition Reimbursement program.

Earlier this year, with support from her then boss, GG applied for and got an analyst position on the Data Management and Analytics team. In this role, GG works directly with payers to teach them how to utilize and maximize Availity’s data reporting insights. “I am a customer-oriented person, and I love having a role that helps our customers understand how to use their data,” GG said.

GG credits her time in ACS, as well as her education, for teaching her everything she knows about healthcare. She said it’s a hard field to learn because it is so fast-paced and always changing. “I learn something new every day and I love it because my job allows me to work with other people to figure things out.”  She urges others to find what they really want to do and do it with everything they have.

GG says one of the things she loves most about working at Availity is having a caring and philanthropic CEO. She loves giving back to the community and has participated in several philanthropic efforts through the United Way.

Aside from volunteering, GG loves making comic books with her son and going on adventures with her family. GG was married earlier this year and is expecting her second son this December.