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Claire T

Claire T

Operations Support Analyst
Indianapolis, IN

Claire Trice began her journey with Availity in November 2020 as a Client Services Technical Support Specialist. Inspired by her father’s experience in a dental clearinghouse, she brought a foundation of healthcare industry knowledge. However, her true understanding of the field deepened while working in the call center. Claire strongly encourages everyone to shadow our representatives, especially those working with our products. She gained valuable insights from interacting with providers and researching their claims issues, which solidified her desire to work with customers. Her passion for helping people, coupled with the knowledge and experience she gained, led to her transition into the Operations Support Analyst role in March 2022.

Originally from California, Claire studied economics and management in college, and met her husband at Purdue University. They later moved to Wisconsin, where Claire worked in retail. The pandemic prompted a relocation to Indianapolis for a safer work environment and to be closer to family. Claire discovered Availity in her search for a new career opportunity and only wishes she had known about the company sooner. She quickly realized that starting in our call center would be the perfect place for her to learn what we do and grow in the work she loves. Claire quickly adapted to working with provider clients, efficiently resolving their issues. She was among the first associates to participate in Availity’s Passport Program, shadowing different positions and uncovering a passion for operations analytics, which combines her love of working with customers with her affinity for mathematics and analysis.

As an Operations Support Analyst, Claire spends a lot of her time problem-solving, pulling data for teams, digging in, and understanding why customers are calling so she can relay that information to her team members. When she joined her current team, she saw a need for improved communication and reporting to bridge the gap between between product and client services teams. She established regular calls to improve communication and collaboration between the teams and is proud of where they are today. Claire enjoys tackling complex cases, knowing her problem-solving skills benefit clients. She values her team’s camaraderie, saying, “My team is amazing; we talk and work together all day long.” Claire appreciates the emphasis on collaboration and learning at Availity. “The culture is amazing, and we have fun!” she says. She is grateful for the company’s response to the pandemic and how the culture has evolved to adapt to the new normal. Claire knows she is valued and enjoys the work-life balance offered, especially the work-from-home flexibility that allows her to spend more time with her family.

The support from her team and the company makes Availity an excellent workplace for her. Both her team and her family serve as significant sources of motivation and inspiration. Claire cherishes the work-life balance, allowing her to excel in her job while spending quality time with her family, whom she considers “the light of her life.”

Her advice to associates is to always listen to the customers, shadow and learn from others, and collaborate wherever possible to see what can be improved and do the work to make it happen.

Fun Facts:

When she was young, she wanted to be a lawyer like her grandpa. Then in high school, she realized she was really good at math and naturally had a brain for it.

She loves playing the new Hogwarts game, reading, watching movies, and reality TV.

She has a dog named Archimedes who is half poodle, half papillon.

Her favorite book of all time is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire because it has such a great movie adaptation.

Her favorite movie is Surfs Up; you know, the one with the surfing penguins?

If she had to pick a favorite food, it would have to be cheese pizza with cheese sauce. The more cheese, the better!