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Chandler M.

Chandler M.

Client Services Representative II
Jacksonville, FL

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you chat with Chandler. His positive demeanor, passion for helping people, and drive to make processes more efficient are just some of the qualities that have led him to excel as a client services representative (CSR) at Availity.

Chandler joined Availity in August 2019 as a contractor and converted to a full-time associate in February 2020. In July, he was promoted to CSR II, and his primary role is serving as a subject matter expert for other CSRs. Chandler and his peers are on standby to answer questions, locate resources, or help their teammates resolve complex issues when they are on the phone with customers.

This SME role is important because Availity Client Services receives thousands of calls each day from customers on a wide range of topics, including Portal registrations, password resets, eligibility and benefits, product support, and more. Every SME started at Availity by answering these calls, giving them unique insight into the questions reps receive.

When Chandler started working as a SME, he began noticing trends and common questions, which gave him the idea to create “ACS Workflows.” It’s a simple, powerful knowledge resource with fundamental information that can help newer representatives. It helps ensure information is shared in a consistent manner.

Being able to enact a change like ACS Workflows is one of the many things Chandler loves about working at Availity. “As I saw opportunities to make things more efficient, I would provide suggestions and feedback to my supervisors,” he said. “Not only were they very receptive, but they started implementing some of them.” He notes that it’s easy to get excited about your job when you feel like you’re making a difference.

In his free time, Chandler is pursuing a degree at UNF and teaching himself to code by taking courses on Udemy and creating a blog for his mother. He hopes that building these skills—combined with his existing experience—will help him one day transition to an IT developer role at Availity.

Favorite book: The Martian by Andy Weir

Favorite food: Publix Sub

Favorite movie: The Martian