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Breyanna J.

Breyanna J.

Client Services Representative I
Indianapolis, IN

Breyanna has always enjoyed helping people. A veteran of the restaurant and retail industries, she recognizes the importance of the customer experience. After graduating college with a degree in Business Marketing, Breyanna has been on a mission to find a role that can turn into a fulfilling career.

She joined Availity in as a client services representative I on the provider support team, based out of Indianapolis. Her manager, Ruth Watkins, stated, “Breyanna Johnson hasn’t been with the company for long, but I knew right away that she would stand out from the rest.  She consistently works hard to meet and exceed her performance goals and is willing to request the training and support necessary to get the job done. Bre always looks to address the underlying causes of problems rather than just the symptoms.”

Breyanna understands that she is representing the company when she speaks to customers. “How we go about conversations with the providers reflects strongly on Availity,” she said. “Having a good attitude and keeping a smile on your face is important. We are here to give them the best customer service possible. When we do that, I think it really pays off.” She finds it rewarding to help solve someone’s problem and to hear the relief in their voice.  

Although Breyanna Joined Availity without a background in healthcare or technology, she wasn’t intimidated. Instead she saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to learn. Thanks to a collaborative environment and a great team, she found she always had the support she needed to resolve an issue. 

She also finds that Availity offers a lot of support in growing her career. When she first started, Breyanna had the opportunity to virtually ‘shadow’ people in different roles and departments to learn about the company and to see people’s career trajectory. “There are so many people who started where I am today! It’s exciting to know that there are a lot of ways to grow a career here.”

Breyanna is a self-proclaimed foodie. “Since I can’t go to as many restaurants now, I’ve been enjoying cooking, and it’s become a new hobby. I like cooking for others more than for myself.”  When she’s not cooking, you can find her spending time with her friends and family, or picking up a new skill. She’s currently learning how to play the piano!

Favorite book: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Favorite food: Stir-fry

Favorite movie: She’s the Man

Pet: A bunny named Bugsy