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Anand E

Anand E

Director, Engineering
Availity India

Anand joined Availity India almost two years ago as director of engineering. Bringing more than 20 years of experience developing complex technologies for Model N, Sun Microsystems, Hitachi, and Hewlett Packard, Anand manages all engineering for our India office. His focus is building the Payer Development and Intelligent Interactions teams in India. 

“My father was a scientist with multiple patents and inventions, exposing me to the scientific process very early in my childhood,” Anand says. “I had always been interested in science and technology, and I have been fortunate to gain expertise in working with bleeding edge technology throughout my career. “Anand had limited experience with the health insurance industry when he joined Availity. He had worked in contract management and Medicaid claim management for drug manufacturers. His exposure to EDI and claims processing was something he needed to learn but has found no shortage of support and encouragement from everyone around him. 

His recipe for success at Availity is to focus on the specific problem, take others into confidence, and communicate. He is most impressed with how his team comes together and overcomes seemingly insurmountable hurdles, including  building complex technical architecture, global communications, and time zone challenges, and maintaining  the high volume of claims and transactions that Availity processes each day.

“Availity has given me a unique opportunity to deliver technology solutions that offer a unique value to our customers,” Anand says. “The team members that I interact with share a very open and can-do attitude which inspires us to be better.”

Anand believes you can learn any skill if you put in enough effort and passion. He challenges himself outside of work with new hobbies, such as learning to play the flute (bansuri) . He stays active with table tennis, volleyball, and keeps his mind agile with daily Wordle and Octordle puzzles and enjoys the occasional Rubik’s Cube.

Just for fun:

Favorite Book –  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Favorite movies –  Harry Potter, Top Gun, The Firm
Favorite food – Cheese