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Solution proven to increase point-of-service collections by more than 3x

NASHVILLE, TENN.– RevPoint Healthcare Technologies, a leading revenue cycle management company, today announced the launch of its next generation SmartCycle™ technology, an advanced revenue cycle management solution that enables healthcare providers to increase overall cash collections, enhance employee performance and improve patient satisfaction.
RevPoint’s technology is the only comprehensive, integrated SaaS-based revenue cycle management solution for the point of service. With RevPoint’s solution, healthcare providers can “go-live” in a matter of days.
“Asking patients for money in a hospital or physician office is awkward, particularly for frontline staff, and doing so is often seen as callous and indelicate,” said Hal Andrews, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of RevPoint. “However, with the implementation of the insurance mandate required by the Affordable Care Act, point-of-service collections will determine the survival of many healthcare providers.”
Andrews continued, “The Affordable Care Act has dramatically changed health insurance benefits, creating confusion for both patients and healthcare providers about the amount of patient liability. What will soon be clear is that many patients will now be responsible for 100% of their healthcare expenses.”
RevPoint’s technology automates the registration workflow process and guides registrars through each step of the patient encounter with dynamic scripting. RevPoint’s solution integrates insurance verification, determination of medical necessity, real-time quality assurance edits and the individual facility’s specific business rules into a sleek, intuitive user interface. The result is fast, simple and accurate account resolution at the point of service, regardless of whether a patient is insured, uninsured, underinsured and/or qualifies for financial assistance.

About RevPoint Healthcare Technologies
RevPoint is a revenue cycle management company with a proven solution to increase point-of-service collections, enhance employee performance and improve patient satisfaction. From real-time registration QA to customized scripting, RevPoint’s technology provides fast, simple resolution of patient accounts at the point of service.