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New ebook helps physician practices, hospitals manage patient
payment trend

Availity has released a new ebook to help physician practices and hospitals better manage the complex payment processes associated with both patient-pay and health plan reimbursement cycles.
The ebook, “Method to the Madness: 10 Payment Collection Strategies That Work,” provides tips for medical businesses to collect money from patients – who largely aren’t accustomed to paying up-front for medical care – and more tightly manage claim payments from health plans on the back-end of the revenue cycle. It includes industry best practices and guidance from in-house experts on topics like patient statement design, claim denials, scripts and training, and pre-appointment workflows.
A rapidly changing reimbursement environment, fueled in part by growth of high-deductible health plans, has strained revenue and placed significant margin pressure on providers. With greater payment responsibility shifting to patients, practices and hospitals are increasingly battling bad debt, long payment cycles and reduced revenue.
Savvy medical professionals are seeking techniques and technology to help them manage this new environment, and “Method to the Madness” delivers it, with expert collection strategies to tackle a variety of payment and reimbursement challenges.
“Market forces are essentially requiring doctor’s offices to become collections experts, but they often lack the knowledge and resources to effectively manage up-front collections,” said Jeff Chester, senior vice president and chief revenue officer of Availity. “We wanted to provide a resource to help providers and hospitals alike get a handle on this situation, so they can begin to adjust policies and practices to optimize their revenue cycle.”