Real-Time Health Care Information Will Benefit Physicians and Patients

LAS VEGAS – June 5, 2012 – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada today announced its participation in Availity, a leading health information network that more than 4,000 health care providers in Nevada can now access for eligibility checks, claims submission and other electronic transactions.
The Availity Health Information Network® is the network of choice for many of the nation’s prominent health plans to exchange business and clinical information with physicians, hospitals and other health care stakeholders such as labs and pharmacies. Availity helps health care providers lower the cost of delivering care to Nevada residents by eliminating many time-intensive tasks like phone calls, faxes and paperwork. Access to Availity is offered at no cost to Nevada providers.
“Making patient information more readily available to providers throughout the state is of great value to both the physician and the patient,” said Mike Murphy, president and general manager of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada. “Availity’s efficiencies allow providers to spend more time with patients, not managing paperwork, ultimately reducing healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes.”
Providers can now access Availity’s secure, Web-based exchange to conduct electronic transactions with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada and other participating health plans, including:
Obtaining current insurance coverage information on patients
Submitting claims online
Monitoring the status of claim submissions
Accessing patient clinical history and care alert messages
Nevada physicians will also have access to the Availity® CareProfile®, a health care record that includes information assembled by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Colorado from network physicians, pharmacies, labs and other providers of care. With CareProfile, physicians have access to vital patient information when and where they need it. CareProfile makes it easier than ever for a treating provider to see what medications a patient has been prescribed by other doctors, which can help prevent possible adverse drug interactions and reduce the incidence of over-prescribing.
Through CareProfile, health care providers will also receive timely and relevant clinical messages – selected “reminder” information on disease symptoms, health risks and best practices in treatment protocols for certain chronic diseases. Clinical messages provide treatment support to physicians, and can play an important role in improving efficiency and quality to patients by helping to engage patients in their treatment.
“By simplifying the exchange of information, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada is helping solve a real problem for its providers,” said Russ Thomas, chief executive officer for Availity. “Medical offices that use Availity save time and money by spending less time on administrative tasks, and now Nevada providers can realize these important benefits. Plus, they’re getting the added value of integrated clinical information, to better understand their patients’ medical history at the point of care.”

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