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Availity helps health plans get in front of claim errors


Incorrect or incomplete claims cause administrative churn for both health plans and providers. As the prompt pay clock ticks, health plans try to find the problem, while providers call in asking for the status of claims. Prevent bad claims from reaching the health plan in the first place.


Availity Editing Services

Availity Editing Services is a batch claims evaluation tool within the Intelligent Gateway and designed to prevent incorrect claims from reaching a health plan adjudication system. When the file is received, the edit engine runs checks against the data before the file is transmitted. If there are errors, the file is returned to the provider for correction.

Availity offers two tiers of editing services: standard and premium.

Availity - Advanced Editing Services - Standard Edits
Availity - Advanced Editing Services - Premium Edits
Learn how one health plan realized more than $1 million in administrative savings with claims editing.
Availity Editing Services - Proactive Monitoring
Availity Editing Services - Easy Implementation
Availity Editing Services - Simple Providers
Availity Editing Services - Flexible Editing

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