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Streamline provider workflows with Availity Essentials™

Payers across the country have selected Availity Essentials™ as their exclusive provider portal, leveraging the power of Availity’s network and platform to improve provider collaboration.  

By taking advantage of a multi-payer provider portal, you not only free up internal resources to focus on mission-critical activities, but you leverage Availity’s 20+ years of expertise that includes:      

  • Robust security infrastructure that defends against bad actors 
  • Role-based registration process 
  • Multi-payer approach to product innovation   
  • Ongoing product training and communications  
  • Collaboration with peer health plans on best practices

Providers: Get started with Essentials

If you’re a healthcare provider and want to register to use Essentials to work with your payers, visit our training site to get started.

Essentials Provider Workflows

Availity’s ongoing investments in the following administrative workflows reduces provider reliance on manual processes to drive adoption.

Eligibility and Benefits

Eligibility and Benefits
Member ID card
Care reminder
Additional benefits information
Cost estimator

Prior Authorizations

Is Auth Required
Authorization dashboard
Medical attachments

Claims and Remittance Management

Claim submission
Claim status
Medical attachments
Remittance viewer
Claim appeal
Claim overpayment

Communication and collaboration

Messaging and notifications
Digital Correspondence Hub
Payer Spaces

Case Study

How a Health Plan Closed Care Gaps and Increased Provider Engagement with Electronic Clinical Quality Validation

The health plan engaged with Availity to map an automated and entirely digital solution to capture the appropriate clinical data and collaborate with providers to identify and close potential quality care gaps.

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