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Navigating a Successful Clearinghouse Transition


7.28.2023 By Availity


For many hospitals and health systems, the road to post-Covid financial recovery has been a winding one. Odds are you have a lot of revenue cycle challenges to address. Rising denials. Tiny hiring budgets and even tinier candidate pools. RPA technology that over promises and under delivers. Or all of the above? There may be one solution that addresses all of these, but it’s hard to talk about:

Changing clearinghouses.

Yes, we said it—change your revenue cycle clearinghouse. And Availity would like to help. The Availity Essentials Pro sales, service, and implementation teams are long-tenured experts at supporting some of the nation’s largest, most prestigious hospitals and health systems as they transition to a new clearinghouse.

We have compiled their collective wisdom into a new eBook that delivers valuable insight on how to minimize business disruption and maximize ROI. Download 8 Questions to ask for a successful clearinghouse transition today.


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