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3 Patient-Engagement Technologies to Implement into your Practice


2.19.2019 By Matt McCammon, VP General Manager of Integrated Payments, TSYS Health Division


A key to patient engagement is keeping your clients as informed as possible about their options for treatment, medications, recovery, and all other aspects of the healthcare system. A practice that is fully engaged with their patients works more efficiently, from setting up follow-up visits to receiving electronic reminders about appointments, and this personalized engagement is now expected. Digital communication is not something you can disregard—patients want personalization and the ability to speak to their health practitioner on the platforms they use. Here are three technologies we recommend implementing into your practice that will boost the patient experience.

  1. Online Patient Portal: Allow patients to enter their own data into your patient portal, taking staff’s responsibility away from having to manually enter handwritten forms. Providers can even answer patient questions and efficiently prescribe medications via online refills. Make sure it’s optimized for a mobile-device experience.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Social media is a great way to keep patients up to date with happenings in your practice, share helpful best practices, and even generate referrals. Remember, you don’t have to use every social media platform out there, just the ones that make sense.
  3. Email and Text Messaging Communication: Reminding patients about their need to schedule follow-up appointments based on the information in your digital records will make them more likely to continue using your services. Send out emails and text messages to your patients who are due for a check-up.

This two-way communication gives patients convenient access to their own health information and empowers them to be more proactive in their health management. A personal touch combats no-shows, lost revenue, and can help make your office run smoothly.

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