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Infographic - 4 Reasons Why Providers Submit Paper Claims


6.26.2018 By Availity


Claim submissions are the most common electronic transactions in healthcare, edging out even eligibility and benefits checks, which are often still performed by phone. It’s clear that submitting claims electronically leads to faster payments and fewer denials, at less cost to providers and payers, however six percent of claims are still submitted via paper.

Availity wanted to know why, so we asked Provider Portal users “When do you send claims on paper?” We received more than 650 responses, over a third from users at solo or smaller physician practices, who could benefit most from reducing the expense and hassle of paper claims.

The good news? You may already have the tools you need to send more claims electronically. We’re adding new functionality with more payers all the time to the Claims & Payments feature on the Portal. Check out the infographic for the four most common reasons to submit paper claims, and how new solutions offer an alternative to submitting manually.

Infographic Paper Claims

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