Optimizing Payer and Provider Communications

Join @ShimCode and Availity’s own @HIT_MMartin to talk about the communication challenges between providers and payers and the ways in which we can improve/optimize communications and data sharing between these two entities. Join us on Twitter on Friday, September 30th at 1:00pm ET and be sure to include #AskAvaility in your tweets.

Tweetchat Topics:

T1. What are key challenges and issues health plans & providers face when communicating w/ each other? #AskAvaility

T2. As a provider, what are the most “painful” interactions and/or data exchanges you have w/ health plans you interact with? #AskAvaility

T3. As a health plan, what are the most “painful” interactions and/or data exchanges you have w/ the providers you interact with? #AskAvaility

T4. What are some ways data can be more easily shared/exchanged between providers and health plans? #AskAvaility

T5. How can health plans leverage data they already have about members to improve communications w/ providers? #AskAvaility

T6. How can new technologies & social media platforms be used to improve communication between providers & health plans? #AskAvaility

Bring your questions, comments, and ideas and post them to #AskAvaility before the chat or tweet them to the hosts @ShimCode and @HIT_MMartin.

You can find more information on Provider and Payer Communications issues here.

If you didn’t get chance to participate in the Tweetchat, download the Optimizing Payer and Provider Communications Tweetchat transcript.

About the Hosts

Steve Sisko

Steve Sisko has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is a consultant focused on healthcare data, technology and services – primarily for health plans, payers and risk-bearing providers. Steve is known as @ShimCode on Twitter and runs a blog at www.shimcode.com. You can learn more about Steve at his LinkedIn page and he can be contacted at shimcode@gmail.com.

Mark Martin

Mark Martin is Director of Product Management for Availity LLC. His role includes establishing the vision and product lines designed to open effective information exchange between Health Plans, their provider networks, and membership with a goal of increasing quality while reducing administrative costs in healthcare. Mark has spent over 25 years in Health IT with a focus on automating workflows and systems for the benefit of healthcare providers. Follow Mark on Twitter @HIT_MMartin or email him at mark.martin@availity.com.

About the Moderator


Availity integrates and manages clinical, administrative, and financial data to fuel real-time coordination between providers, health plans, and patients in a growing value-based care environment. Facilitating over 7 million transactions daily, Availity’s ability to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information is vital to the financial success of its customers. You can find more information on Availity at www.availity.com or on Twitter @Availity.