Availity RCM Refresh
Availity RCM Refresh

Soon you will have access to the refreshed RCM. Now what?

We are excited to roll out the new Availity RCM interface to you! You will get to experience a variety of enhancements including a modern look and feel with intuitive design built on user feedback. It also has enhanced eligibility and benefits, reporting, metrics, and browser functions. Check out the sections below for more information and resources to help you get familiar with the refreshed RCM.

  • Due to the Eligibility rewrite, any current requests in the Eligibility & Benefits screen will NOT be available in the new interface. You will only be able to access new Eligibility requests submitted through the RCM refresh screen.
  • All of your claim and remittance history will be available in the refresh version.
  • You will be required to have a valid email address for security purposes.
  • Use the Feedback button on each screen to let us know your thoughts about the new interface.
  • Supported browsers: IE10, IE11, and Chrome.
  • General Navigation: This session will give you the basics of navigating through the refreshed application.
  • Differences L2R: This session is intended for clients who have used the legacy version of our software and are switching to the refreshed version. We will cover the differences to make your transition easier.
  • Initial Training (Part 1): This training is required for new offices and suggested for new employees in existing offices. Join us as we start by discussing the Home page of RCM, and then review in detail the Eligibility, Claim Submission and Edit Error Management modules. We will also review the purpose of each of the remaining modules in RCM.
  • Follow-Up Training (Part 2): This is the second of two classes intended for new users or those looking to review RCM. This Follow-Up training should come after the Initial Training class. In this class, we will review the Status, Remittance and Reports modules.
  • Eligibility: This session covers the new features of Eligibility & Benefits module in the refreshed version of our software.
  • You will have access to the new RCM application on the date listed in your “Action Required” email.
  • You will have the ability to toggle to the legacy application for 30 days while you get accustomed to the new look and feel.
  • Please watch this OVERVIEW of our new interface.
  • You may also check out our HELP CENTER and Availity Learning Center for training material. See attached instructions on accessing the ALC and check back often for new material!
  • The refreshed RCM URL is https://claims.realmed.com/beta. You may continue to access legacy RCM through https://claims.realmed.com during your dual period.
If you have any questions please let your CAM or RCS know. We look forward to you working in the new Availity RCM application!