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If you’re reconsidering maintaining an in-house provider portal, Availity’s Provider Engagement Portal offers a multi-payer alternative that can improve communication between your health plan and your provider network. The Availity Portal features an intuitive interface and supports multiple workflows, reducing calls into your call center and ensuring providers have the information needed to serve your members.

Provider Engagement Portal Capabilities

Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Patient Management

Patient Management

Providers need the most up-to-date payer information available, especially at the point of care. With the patient management workflow, they can run eligibility and benefits transactions and receive care reminders when a member has an outstanding service. 

Claims Management

Using the claims management workflow, providers can submit a claim, correct a submitted claim, and check a claim status. Health plans also have the option to implement the claims overpayment and claims appeal capabilities, which simplify and streamline these processes.

Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Claims Management
Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Financial Solutions


You can easily deliver the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) or 835 data to providers through the Availity Portal’s remittance viewer tool. Providers can research claims and payments, and because the data is in a human-readable format, rather than ANSI code, it’s easy for non-technical people to understand.

Provider Information Management

Keeping provider information current is a challenge, but Availity’s Provider Data Management (PDM) is designed to help you do just that by letting providers update demographic information through the Availity Portal. Learn more.

Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Provider Information Management

Provider Engagement

The Availity Portal offers multiple ways for you to share information with your provider network, including two-way messaging, home page notifications, and news and announcements.

Authorization and Referral Management

The Availity Portal helps you streamline the authorization process by giving providers a central location where they can check if an authorization is needed, submit the authorization with required documentation, and manage it all through a user-friendly dashboard.

Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Authorization Management
Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Payer Spaces

Payer Spaces

While the Availity Portal is multi-payer tool, health plans still need a place to host proprietary, plan-specific information or tools. Payer Spaces gives you a secure location—branded with your organization’s logo—where providers can access this information.

Availity 360

Availity 360 uses administrative data, transactional data and other Portal activity to give you a clear picture of the network’s health. With Availity 360, you can identify trends and drill down into performance metrics based on payer, transaction type, and more.


Looking to do more with the Provider Engagement Portal? View our Clinical Gateway capabilities.

Availity Provider Engagement Portal - Availity 360

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