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Provider Engagement Portal

A complete provider engagement platform

The Availity Provider Engagement Portal is a secure, real-time platform where payers and providers work together and communicate electronically. It serves as an entry point for providers who need secure access to their payers regarding clinical and administrative transactions, including eligibility and benefits inquiries, real-time authorizations and referrals, claim status inquiries, and more. With consistent and intuitive workflows, the Provider Engagement Portal helps you reduce administrative costs, while improving collaboration with your provider network.


  • Electronic transactions provides a secure platform where providers can submit ANSI, HIPAA, and HL7 transactions, as well as perform eligibility and benefit inquires, check claim status, and track remittance. 
  • Multi-payer portal ensures a consistent workflow for all participating health plans, which allows providers to have the same user experience.
  • Standard payer content for transactions that are consistent across all health plans, as well as the opportunity to leverage Payer Spaces for branded, plan-specific content.
  • Robust infrastructure allows health plans to capture, store, and access critical information without having to invest in significant technology major investments in their own storage technology.


  • Operational savings from reduced rework associated with pended, denied, or contested claims.
  • Improved provider satisfaction by delivering real-time, accurate information when and where they need—in their existing workflow.
  • Claim payment savings by avoiding overpayments caused by duplicate claims, duplicate lines, or overstated levels of care.
  • Improved risk and analysis through customized reports and business insights.
  • Better collaboration with providers by allowing them to access proprietary information and processes within their existing workflow.
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