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Working with Humana online?

Humana users: make the switch to the Availity Provider Portal

Humana and Availity have teamed up to make it easy for you to work with us online. The Availity Provider Portal is now Humana’s preferred method for medical and behavioral health providers to check eligibility and benefits, submit referrals and authorizations, manage claims and complete other secure administrative tasks online.

  1. Q: Why does Humana want me to use the Availity Provider Portal?
    A: Humana and Availity are working to streamline health care processes wherever possible. Humana has selected Availity as its preferred provider portal as a way to help health care providers access secure information and submit transactions online. The multi-payer Availity Portal lets you access information and transactions from Humana and other payers on one website.
  2. Q: I am registered for the Humana.com secure portal. Is it going away?
    A: Yes, at some point access to the Humana.com secure portal will be shut down. Humana is migrating to Availity as its sole, secure portal for health care providers. Please register for the Availity Portal now to access Humana’s newest tools and resources, along with customized training opportunities. See “Get up to speed quickly with training opportunities” below for more information.
  3. Q: What is Humana’s relationship with Availity?
    A: Availity was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, as a joint venture between Florida Blue (formerly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida) and Humana to improve efficiency and reduce administrative complexity in the health care industry, with the ultimate goal of improving health care outcomes. Humana uses Availity as its clearinghouse for transacting with health care providers. And, as a payer-owner, Humana continues to collaborate with Availity to develop and improve online tools for health care providers.
  4. Q: What are the plans for Humana.com?
    A: Humana is migrating its secure provider portal tools to the Availity Portal and asking that health care providers use Availity for online transactions. When the migration is complete, the secure Humana.com provider portal will no longer be available. However, Humana’s public website that does not require registration, Humana.com, will continue to offer information to health care providers as it does today.
  5. Q: When is the secure Humana.com provider portal going away?
    A: The portal will no longer be available once the migration to Availity is complete. A date has not been set at this time. However, by registering and beginning to use Availity now, you will have access not only to the latest resources and tools, but also to customized training opportunities available in each region during migration. See “Get up to speed quickly with training opportunities” below for more information.

The Availity Provider Portal is a multi-payer site where you can use a single user ID and password to work with Humana and other participating payers online. Availity is compliant with all HIPAA regulations, and there is no cost to register.

  • If you are not registered for the Availity Portal, please register here so you have access to the most up-to-date resources and tools for working with Humana.
  • If you have the EFT information from a Humana check, you can register and start using Availity right away.
  1. How do I register to use the Availity Portal?
    To register, go to www.Availity.com and select Register. Follow the prompts to register. You will need:
    - Basic information about your practice, including your federal tax ID and National Provider Identifier.
    - The name of someone with the legal authority to sign agreements for your organization. Typically this is an owner or senior partner.
    - The name of an administrator to oversee implementation and maintain access for your entire organization.
    - If you have a check from Humana handy, you can complete the registration in real-time.
    - You will receive an email from Availity with the user name you created and temporary password. You may then begin registering other users for your organization.
  2. As an administrator, how do I register additional users in my organization?
    The Add User help topic on the Availity Portal explains how to add users, either one at a time, or with a spreadsheet.
  3. Is my organization required to use Availity’s clearinghouse services in order to use its web portal?
    No. The Availity Portal is available whether or not you use Availity’s clearinghouse services.
  4. What other payers can I transact with via the Availity Portal?
    View a searchable list of payers.
  5. Who do I contact if I need help registering for the Availity Portal?
    For registration assistance, call Availity Client Services at 1-800-AVAILITY (282-4548). Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time (excluding holidays).

You can sign up for a webinar facilitated by a Humana eBusiness Consultant on the Humana Web-based Training web page.

The Availity Learning Center also features on-demand training, including a demonstration of the Portal and other product and industry training.

Need help with registration?    

If you have questions about your Availity account, call Availity at 1-800-282-4548. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time, (excluding holidays).

If you have questions about Humana.com or the move to the Availity Portal, please send an email to eBusiness@Humana.com.