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The Availity advantage


Healthcare is complicated, but your relationship with your clearinghouse vendor doesn’t have to be. When you entrust Availity to manage your healthcare transactions, you not only get the peace of mind that comes from working with an industry leader, but you get our deep industry expertise and commitment to customer service. No matter how large or small your organization, our EDI Clearinghouse solution gives you access to our nationwide network, along with flexible contracts and competitive pricing.


The Availity Network: Your Connection to Payers Nationwide

Availity is the nation’s largest real-time health information network with connections to more than 2,000 payers nationwide, including government payers like Medicaid and Medicare. Because many payers in the Availity network sponsor EDI transactions through Availity, we only pass on transaction fees to submitters when necessary. As a result, we can offer the largest network of free transactions in the industry, as well as competitively priced access to the rest of the payer market. To see all of the payers in our network, visit our Payer List.

Availity - Where Healthcare Connects

Clearinghouse Solutions for all Submitters

Submitters of all sizes rely on Availity’s EDI Clearinghouse to securely transmit data between provider organizations and payers. Whether you are submitting transactions for your own organization or on behalf of a provider or health system, Availity has an option that’s right for you.

EDI Clearinghouse for Direct Submitters

 Designed for organizations that submit fewer than 10,000 transactions a month, EDI Clearinghouse Direct is perfect for small to mid-size organizations that want a cost-effective way to streamline operations and reach all the payers they do business with.

EDI Clearinghouse Direct features two options: the free Base plan and the competitively priced Comprehensive plan.


If you’re interested in EDI Clearinghouse for Direct Submitters, here’s what to do next: 

  1. Make sure your organization is registered on You can register today here
  2. Once registered, you are automatically enrolled in the Base plan.To upgrade to a Comprehensive option, go to the EDI Clearinghouse Plan Selection tool.

edi clearinghouse network resellers

EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers

For value-added resellers who need to connect their providers to Availity’s network, Availity offers the EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers solution. This offering features a robust provider management tool that allows you to manage your client’s payer enrollments, batch and real-time credentials, file delivery settings, and Availity network access so your clients never have to leave their practice management system workflow.      


If you’re interested in EDI Clearinghouse for Network Resellers, please fill out the contact us form below and include “Network Reseller” in the Additional Details field.

EDI Clearinghouse for High-Volume Trading Partners

EDI Clearinghouse for High-Volume Trading Partners is designed for large submitters with more than 10,000 transactions a month that submit in aggregate. These include large hospitals and health systems, EHR and practice management system vendors, and other clearinghouses. Trading partners can take advantage of volume-based pricing, and robust reporting tools.   


If you’re interested in EDI Clearinghouse for High-Volume Trading Partners, please fill out the contact us form below and include “Trading Partners” in the Additional Details field.


To get more information on EDI Clearinghouse, fill out the form below and someone will connect with you.

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