Availity Provider Data Management For Health Plans
Directory Information Verification for Providers

Use the Web Portal to update your directory information with many payers

Did you ever wonder why you get so many requests from health plans asking you to provide updated demographic information? That’s because CMS mandates each health plan update its provider directory every 90 days. That means a lot of repetitive work for you, until now.

Availity’s Directory Verification app in the Web Portal lets you provide up-to-date demographic information to multiple payers at once. Instead of filling out multiple forms and faxing or emailing them to each health plan, you can make electronic updates right from your daily workflow and have those edits delivered to every health plan you contract with.

Additionally, keeping your business and physician information current helps you minimize costly manual resolutions with misdirected patient, claims, payments, or general calls searching for specific roles within your business. This leads to greater efficiency and performance.

The healthcare industry is changing quickly, and providers and health plans need better ways to work together. Availity Provider Data Management is one of the ways we can help ensure providers and health plans get the right information at the right time in the care cycle.

The new Provider Data Management tool lets you maintain the following information:

  • Service locations and hours of operation
  • Providers who join your organization
  • Contact information for physicians and key staff
  • Whether you’re accepting new patients
  • Specialties
  • Languages spoken by physicians and staff
  • Other information that helps payers work with you

These payers are working with Availity to keep their provider information up-to-date and accurate and more are being added every month:

  • Humana
  • Florida Blue
  • AvMed
  • Cigna
  • WellCare

If you need something else to get started, you might want to check out the information about the Web Portal. You can also take advantage of our free training, offered via webinar and live, local workshops. Just go to the Availity Learning Center to check out all the options.

You’ll want to get started using the Availity Web Portal so you can go online to:

  • Check eligibility and benefits.
  • Submit professional and facility claims.
  • Check on your claim and remittance status.
  • Request authorizations and receive referrals.
  • Get fee schedules and other payer-specific information.