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No printer? No fax? No problem. Why it’s a good time to make the switch from paper to automation.

If your physician practice is now on work-from-home status in response to COVID-19, you’re probably finding that some activities transition well to a remote environment while others don’t. Staff meetings can be held with virtual meeting technologies and in-person training can be held via online courses. But challenges arise when you stand up to walk to the fax machine or the postage meter, only to remember that you’re at home and without your modern office supplies.

Without access to the office’s fax machines, copiers, printers, and postage meters, it’s much harder to submit paper claims and medical attachments. Let’s face it, everyone isn’t equipped with a home office, and you still have to homeschool your kids and find a store that has toilet paper in stock.       

The good news is that some revenue cycle solutions allow for the electronic and partially electronic submission of claims and attachments even if the payer only accepts paper. That means that you can still submit electronically, and the RCM provider will convert the claim or clinical record to paper, print it, and mail it on your behalf.  And often, you can still track your submission like an electronic one.

Submitting claims and attachments electronically doesn’t just make sense during the COVID crisis. Adopting electronic workflows permanently will go a long way in reducing the costs of paper processes. See the infographic below to understand why.