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Digitize Billing for Atypical Providers with Quick Claims

When it comes to medical billing, most systems are designed for the mainstream. But what about atypical healthcare providers like chiropractors, mental health specialists, and healthcare transporters? These professionals often face unique challenges when submitting their claims, challenges that Quick Claims from Availity is here to solve.

Understanding the Billing Bottleneck

Typically, these atypical providers are stuck with outdated, paper-based billing methods because their unique services don’t mesh well with the standard electronic claims submission systems. This mismatch can lead to error-prone manual processing, delays, and extra hours spent just trying to comply with regulations.

Your Digital Billing Solution

Quick Claims steps up to offer a digital solution tailored for the specific needs of atypical healthcare providers. It’s added functionality to Availity’s multi-payer provider portal, Essentials, that understands the nuances of non-standard billing and brings everyone into the fold of electronic claims submission.

Key Features that Stand Out

With Quick Claims, atypical healthcare providers can enjoy a streamlined billing process with features like:

  • Non-NPI Claim Submission: Even without a billing provider NPI, you can submit professional claims effortlessly
  • Enhanced Patient and Procedure Search: An integrated system simplifies the search for patient information and procedures, thanks to a smart use of eligibility and benefit data
  • Customizable Templates: Save frequently used billing information to save time and reduce repetitive tasks
  • Compliance Made Simple: Built-in compliance checks ensure that every claim meets HIPAA standards and payer-specific rules

Real-World Success with Quick Claims

A western managed care organization (MCO) has already seen the benefits. The MCO introduced Quick Claims and moved a large number of their atypical provider network to efficient, error-free electronic claims submission. Quick Claims helped reduce claim submission time to a matter of minutes.

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Availity Quick Claims is bridging the gap in digital medical billing for atypical healthcare providers. Availity’s innovative digital billing solution makes electronic claims submission a reality for all healthcare services. With its user-friendly features and successful real-world applications, Quick Claims is setting a new standard for inclusive, streamlined healthcare billing. It’s time for health plans to recognize the diversity in healthcare provision and embrace solutions that cater to every provider’s needs. Quick Claims is not just new functionality for Essentials; it’s a step toward a more efficient and equitable healthcare system for everyone.

For more information on how Availity supports electronic workflows, visit: Availity Essentials – Provider Portal