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Clinical data has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving patient care, reducing costs, and driving innovation. However, raw clinical data from various sources is often unusable because they contain missing, incomplete, or redundant information, details buried in text, and inaccurate codes. Before health plans can put this information to use, the data must be structured and standardized—a process known as Upcycling Data™. Availity Fusion, our API-based Upcycling Data Technology, supports data upcycling by aggregating data from EHRs, health information exchanges, labs, and other sources and then normalizing and enhancing it to deliver a consistent, standards-based data asset that’s ready for use.

Upcycling Data™ is our process of integrating clinical data from multiple sources into a data asset that can be readily used for numerous purposes. We achieve this by:

Five steps to Upcycling Data

Availity Fusion’s flexible data outputs enable measurable clinical, financial, and operational value for clients and partners by delivering fit-for-purpose data insights to support downstream workflows.

Availity Fusion Data Dashboard

Analyze clinical data source quality in real-time

Before inputting clinical data from outside sources, health plans should assess the quality of that information. The Data Dashboard uses over 300 configurable rules produced by clinical data and interoperability experts to weigh and measure source data usability. Using the dashboard’s intuitive interface, administrators can visualize data quality issues and communicate those back to originators.

Video: Data potential to data power

Learn how a comprehensive approach to Upcycling Data™ from multiple sources can deliver timely insight into patient health and population trends. Availity’s Clinical Portfolio Chief Product Officer, Ashley Basile, Ph.D., explains what it takes to create the cleanest, clearest, most precise clinical data in healthcare.


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