Solution: Expand the success of value-based payment programs

Value-based payment programs require a different approach to information sharing—a new model in which physicians, hospitals and health plans exchange bi-directional information to support outcome metrics (like hospital admission/ discharge notices) and new payment processes.  If you’re planning to introduce value-based payment programs to your business, you need to add “forward-thinking network partner” to your list of requirements so you can keep your business as healthy as your patients.

If you are a physician, hospital or billing service that’s an early adopter of one or more value-based care programs, you might be pleasantly encouraged by outcomes but less enthusiastic about the work to file qualifying documentation—which can set you back to the era of paper and postage stamps. Before claim processing delays cast an unhealthy pallor over your cash flow, see how our newest suite of products step up to new workflow demands to exchange real-time encounter summaries, deliver notifications of hospital admission/ discharge and send clinically-relevant attachments to accompany your claim.

If you’re a health plan you’re probably piloting PCMH, P4P and ACO programs to lower costs, improve performance, and remain healthy. In addition to helping you get the information you need to process, pay, and respond to physician inquiries about new claim cycles, Availity enables health plans to share and distribute information more efficiently to the business units that need it for reporting, analytics, and overall performance improvement. A transformative health information network is being built to support your next-generation health plan, right here, right now.

Vendor partners appreciate the competitive advantage that comes when they offer timely solutions that address their customers’ most pressing health information needs—and what’s more timely and pressing than improving the success of value-based payment programs? Availity leads the market with information solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Expand the success of value-based payment programs

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management tools support key workflows for value-based payment programs, helping you automate processes and analyze results so you enjoy peak efficiency.

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Web Portal

Simplicity fit for any workflow: the Availity Web Portal gives providers uninterrupted access to patient information from health plans and equips users with essential patient care summaries, automated authorization (with real-time chat), the ability to include medical attachments, and other self-service tools that ease the transition to value-based care programs, while helping to more efficiently manage your current fee-for-service arrangements.

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