Solution: Simplify connectivity

Paring down the number of connection points you manage is just one part of the equation for health plans, physician practices, hospitals and vendors—the riskier part is trusting your chosen partner to deliver on the benefits you expect to achieve. As a trusted intermediary between many of the nation’s largest and most complex health plans, 575 vendors, 2,700 hospitals and some 900,000 providers, Availity has both the capability and the track record to ensure your choice to consolidate is a smart one.

Physician practices, hospitals and billing services know firsthand how tough it is to gain consistency across a landscape of complex relationships —among entities which are at varying points along the technology-adoption continuum. With clearinghouse and revenue cycle tools that scale easily from one user to hundreds–and which handle single, batch or continuous information exchange in real-time–any provider, biller or hospital can simplify complexity with Availity. Hands-on teams help migrate everyone to the same platform and get trained, so you get consistent claim processing and consolidated reporting capabilities across multiple billing offices and practices. Moreover, users love our tools, and our flexible training options accommodate their appetites for learning.

Health plans face unique challenges for connectivity with an increasing number and type of care providers, and require more and different information to administer fee-for-value and value-based payment models efficiently. Simplify connectivity for your own business health, and gain the added benefit of improved provider adoption. Availity has deep experience establishing and maintaining single-connection real-time gateways for many of the nation’s largest and most complex plans, including several that carried a legacy of patch-worked pipes. Our expertise helps you achieve full network connectivity with your providers with minimized design, build, and support costs; our dedicated payer-support teams help you sustain the advantages.

Vendor partners find it simpler to help solve more of their clients’ business management problems without incurring heavy design, build, and support costs. Our wide array of services gives your clients access to any health plan through a single connection, and to the standardized claim processing, editing, and denial management tools they need to run healthier organizations. Importantly, our business model offers a viable revenue stream for you, too, which is both smart and healthy.

Revenue Cycle Management

Advanced revenue cycle tools scale to meet the needs of small practices and large health systems alike because they’ve been specifically designed to deliver a single, consistent experience no matter how complex the organizational structure. Consolidated reporting, cross-organization analytics, and remittance splitting tools help front office and back office staff simplify workflows and minimize disparities across multiple locations. Implemented in weeks—not months—and your organization can work smart and reclaim time and money from working on disparate systems.

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Advanced Clearinghouse

The utmost in clearinghouse consolidation: a single connection point that connects you to all nationwide health plans, to quickly and efficiently exchange medical claims, remittances, eligibility and benefits, and more. Use one trusted network to reach all commercial and government payers nationwide, to submit HIPAA transactions and supporting documentation.

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Web Portal

Talk about simple: our multi-payer Web Portal gives physician and hospital staff 24-7 access to patient information sourced from health plans, with hundreds of payers available behind a single log-in. [Registration] (Registration Page) is easy and  training is even easier. Use one interface to get consistent and standardized eligibility, claim and authorization information from multiple health plans, as well as detailed patient histories and cost estimation. Payers—the Web Portal is smart for you, too: easier provider adoption and the option to reduce investment in your own portal are just two simple reasons to explore.

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