Solution: Bend the time-money curve with self-service

In a perfect world, self-service is more reliable, faster and gets you the same or better results as full-service. At Availity, we aim for better. From independent physicians to integrated delivery networks, and from health plans to vendors, Availity customers appreciate that automation and self-service are in our company DNA. As a result, our products and services expedite business operations and streamline workflows better than they ever expected. Your time-money curve may be flat now, but we will help you bend it.

Physician practices, hospitals, and billing services love the freedom of Availity, where self-service means you’ll reclaim time from lower-value work, and have the ability to deploy your valued team where it pays real dividends. No more searching for passwords or waiting on hold and less rework when you use our plain-language edit-writing software. Plus, enjoy the time-saving convenience of real-time information delivered right into your practice management software.

If you’re a health plan,  you recognize that good provider self-service delivers incremental efficiency for your staff and systems, and great self-service actually creates time for your network of providers—driving satisfaction scores and contract renewal rates higher. Relieve your technology teams of time spent establishing self-service tools such as chat connectivity, online ticketing, provider network communication channels, and enhancements to your portals—because we’ve already got them built in.

If you’re a vendor partner,  you are leveraging a health information network that offers the solutions and health plans your customers need, both today and as the market evolves, for processing claims and payments. Our self-service philosophy extends as far as your client base does—we offer each of your provider customers intuitive, time-saving tools that help reduce your burden to support without replacing the service touch you deliver.

Bend your time-money curve with self-service

Revenue Cycle Management

Discover just how healthy your business can become by using the capabilities of advanced claim editing, comparative analytics, automated secondary claim submission and denial management tools to reclaim time and money you didn’t even realize were missing.

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Advanced Clearinghouse

Bend your cost curve and regain time spent managing multiple connections to hundreds of health plans. Tap into a single connection point that connects all nationwide health plans, to quickly and efficiently exchange eligibility and benefits, medical claims, claim status and remittance information.

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Web Portal

Put down the phone and retire the sticky notes: our real-time Web Portal gives physicians and hospitals faster access to essential eligibility, claim and authorization information from multiple health plans, while it reduces claim errors and facilitates accurate payments from commercial and government payers.

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