Solution: One system for facilities and practices

For more than a decade, it’s been our business to bring together people and businesses using disparate systems, to achieve the seamless exchange of information.  If you’re an integrated delivery network (IDN) or health system, that probably hasn’t been your highest priority—nor should it be. Trust Availity to help you implement and benefit from a revenue cycle management system with flexible, scalable tools that meet the unique needs of your ambulatory practices and hospital facilities.

Physicians and billing services using Availity are assured consistent processes and even more importantly, consistent answers, when processing claims and managing payments with other professionals in their network. Maintain a consistent revenue flow with greater predictability when everyone has a single source of information.

Hospitals find that Availity’s solutions go beyond standard clearinghouse capabilities to address problems specific to the claim and payment phases of hospital reimbursement, reducing the need (and cost) to implement and manage disparate solutions.  By offering one system capable of integrating authorization, billing and reimbursement information across ambulatory and facility providers, clients gain holistic insights to help them more effectively manage financial performance. As an added benefit, Availity works closely with health plan partners to overcome barriers affecting organization-wide billing and reimbursement issues.

Vendor partners with hospital, physician practice and billing service clients can recommend a suite of products to help clients achieve consistency across multiple locations. By helping them leverage the same system across facilities and practices, you’re helping your clients accelerate adoption, improve transparency and gain insight to the health of their business operations.

Leverage one system for facilities and practices

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management tools are capable of integrating billing and reimbursement information across hospitals and practices, giving you unmatched enterprise access to analytics, reporting and denial management processes that improve the health of your business.

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