Solution: Improve health care claim and payment processing

Whether you’re a physician practice, hospital, billing service, health plan, or software vendor, processing health care claims and payments efficiently is key to optimal business health. We’re helping you achieve peak business performance with products that meet the unique needs of every participant in the claim and payment process.

If you’re a physician practice, hospital, or billing service, you are submitting health care claims more quickly than ever with real-time access to accurate patient and plan benefit information.  You are also identifying claim errors quickly and correcting them before they’re submitted to avoid pends and denials that can further delay payments.

If you’re a health plan operating in today’s complex market, you’re lowering overall processing costs by receiving the information you need from providers to increase payment accuracy and efficiency. You’re also streamlining responses to claim- and payment-related inquiries without taking away from your staff’s time or stressing your operational budget.

And if you’re a vendor partner,  you are leveraging a health information network that offers the solutions and health plans your customers need, both today and as the market evolves, for processing health care claims and payments.

Our products for claim and payment processing

Revenue Cycle Management

To add the highest level of automation and deepest functionality to your claims process, use Revenue Cycle Management. It speeds up your claims and payments by automatically validating patient eligibility and benefits, auditing claims in real time for errors, tracking and reporting on claim status and integrating with your practice management, hospital information or EMR system.

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Advanced Clearinghouse

If you need connectivity to exchange high volumes of claim- and payment-related transactions, our Advanced Clearinghouse has you covered. Tap into a comprehensive network of physician practices, hospitals, and health plans to quickly and efficiently exchange claims, remittances, eligibility and benefits and claim status information.

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Web Portal

If you need a tool for individual transactions and inquiries, our Web Portal provides real-time access to information from multiple health plans, helps you fill information gaps, reduces claim errors and facilitates accurate payments.

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