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In health care where millions of data exchanges happen every day, better data is data that’s accurate, up-to-date, and accessible throughout the revenue cycle. Beginning at the time the patient is registered, hospitals must capture key information at multiple points throughout the revenue cycle to ensure the claim is processed correctly and the hospital receives appropriate payment from both the payer and the patient.

Availity’s Patient Access and Revenue Cycle Management solutions provide real-time access to critical data within existing revenue cycle workflows—registration, coding and billing, and claims adjudication. Having the right information at the right time helps hospitals gain efficiency, improve visibility into the revenue cycle, and optimize financial performance.

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Improve claim and payment processing

Reduce claim errors to get paid faster.

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Expand the success of value-based payments

Share the information you need to support value-based payment programs.

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Epic Electronic Health Record Integration

Availity’s deep integration with Epic has created one of the most seamless workflows in the market.

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Use one system across facilities and practices

Streamline revenue management for hospitals and physician practices.

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Simplify connectivity

Connect quickly and easily to your health plans.

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Leverage one system

Trust Availity to help you implement and benefit from one revenue cycle management system with flexible, scalable tools.

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