Solution: The right tools for your unique business challenges

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in health care. Whether you are a medical office trying to stay on top of government regulations like ICD-10 or a hospital seeking to recover more revenue, you need a solution that’s right for your unique business circumstances. That’s why Availity offers products that range from a free Web Portal to send and receive HIPAA transactions all the way up to a highly automated Revenue Cycle Management system with powerful reporting and analysis tools.

We have what you need to tackle your toughest billing and reimbursement challenges. So go ahead and explore.

Revenue Program Management

Revenue Program Management 1.0 (RPM) attacks the inefficiencies and frustration currently associated with gathering and managing quality and risk related information about patients.

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Expand the success of value-based payment programs

Value-based payment programs require a different approach to information sharing to support outcome metrics (like hospital admission/ discharge notices) and new payment processes.

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Improve health care claim and payment processing

Whether you’re a physician practice, hospital, billing service, health plan, or software vendor, processing health care claims and payments efficiently is key to optimal business health.

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Leverage one system for facilities and practices

Benefit from a revenue cycle management system with flexible, scalable tools that meet the unique needs of your ambulatory practices and hospital facilities.

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Save time with self-service tools

Explore products and services that expedite business operations and streamline workflows better than they ever expected.

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Simplify connectivity with a single, trusted intermediary

Availity is a trusted intermediary between many of the nation’s largest health plans, 575 vendors, 2,700 hospitals and some 350,000 providers, ensuring your choice to consolidate is a smart one.

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