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The challenge of shifting collection efforts to the point-of-service
You may have heard that Availity recently acquired RevPoint, a Nashville, Tenn.-based company that helps health care businesses optimize their patient collection processes. RevPoint’s patient collections solution, now known as Availity Patient Access, is available immediately to all of our customers. We would love to show it to you. And while we’re happy to share the news that we’re growing, the really important story is why we invested in patient access—and what it could mean for you and your competitors. Read more

Four key findings from research on attitudes toward value-based payments
If you’re like most providers, you participate in at least one value-based payment model. And you’re participation in these models is likely to increase over the next few years. So where exactly is all this going? While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do know that gaps and barriers affecting the scalability of ACOs, patient-centered medical homes and other value-based payment models have become an important part of that discussion. Read more


Optimize your pre-appointment workflow
You may not realize it, but the revenue cycle – and the groundwork for successful account resolution – begins at the front desk, with patient scheduling. There are many important patient access functions that can and should occur before the patient encounter (and some even before the patient steps foot in the office). Read more


Seven tips to help manage change
My client conference calls always start the same. Everyone awkwardly says hello and then we wait in silence for the last person to jump on the call. The same conversation starts minutes later. “We are dealing with a lot of change,” someone says. “Change is very difficult for everyone right now,” another very important manager adds. Read more

Opportunities and risks for ambulatory care providers
As an ambulatory care provider, you’re squarely in health care’s growth segment – accounting for approximately one-third of health care spending in the United States (slightly more than inpatient care), according to the Health & Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. That can be both exciting and challenging as you navigate demands of new care protocols, patient demographic shifts, meaningful use of information technology and patient engagement expectations. Read more

Availity teams up with Precyse to offer ICD-10 training
The ICD-10 implementation deadline may have been pushed back by one year, but that doesn’t mean you should delay your training. With more time available to make the transition, take advantage of a new offering through Availity – a customizable training program to prepare you and your staff for ICD-10 medical coding and reimbursement changes ahead. Read more


ICD-10 delayed a year – now what?
On March 31, the US Senate passed a bill to prevent cutbacks in reimbursement to physicians. But tucked deep in that bill was a one-sentence statement calling to delay ICD-10 implementation until Oct. 1, 2015. A few days later, with the President’s signature, the delay became law and everyone’s attention turned to the consequences of the decision. Read more


Deaconess Health System the latest in hospital-market growth for Availity
Availity recently announced that Deaconess Health System selected Availity to provide clearinghouse and revenue cycle management services for its five southern Indiana hospitals, 20 primary care locations and several specialty facilities, replacing multiple technology platforms with one solution that satisfies the needs of the enterprise.
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The road ahead: What our experts say about challenges to expect in 2014
Each year brings its own unique set of challenges. Since you’ll be plenty busy focusing on your own business health in 2014, we took the time to gather some insights from our leaders who deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses like yours every day, and who have a slightly different vantage point.  Here’s what they had to say. Read more


The downfall of patient responsibility in health care reimbursement
In health care circles, the topic of patient responsibility can be a pretty touchy subject. Patients who fail to pay their health care bills tend to be characterized as one of two things: downtrodden, usually reserved for those who are financially unable to pay their bill, or as delinquent, otherwise known as irresponsible consumers who are unwilling to pay. Read more


Master your revenue cycle: Revenue Solutions Series
Did you know you can capture lost revenue, regain control over claim denials, reduce costs associated with paper remittance handling and more with Availity Revenue Cycle Management? Discover what you’re missing, and get the business intelligence needed to master your revenue cycle by registering for a Revenue Solutions Series webinar. Read more


Availity announces ICD-10 readiness
With everything you already face in billing and collections, you simply cannot afford disruptions in your revenue stream. That’s why Availity is going above and beyond with our ICD-10 preparedness. We want to support our customers during the conversion – doing everything possible to make sure they continue to have seamless reimbursement after the mandate deadline. Read more


ICD-10 training helps your staff through the transition
The Availity Learning Center is a powerful training resource to complement your ICD-10 transition plans, with a variety of free and low-cost training options. Get the latest news on the ICD-10 mandate, tips to help you transition, information about working with health plans, vendors and more. Read more.


Survey says: Plan ahead for value-based payments
In the next few years, the health care industry is expected to migrate from fee-for-service payments to a value-driven system that rewards quality and cost-effective patient care. Read more


Improving technology adoption by reducing cost and risk
Technology and automation are essential to reducing costs and increasing patient quality outcomes, which benefit all health care stakeholders. Read more


Record traffic at MGMA 2013 Annual Conference
More than 1,500 health care professionals visited the Availity booth during this year’s annual conference in San Diego, Calif. this month. Read more


Accelerate your career with training from industry experts
Increasing changes in the health care industry make it tricky to stay current on trends, mandates and industry best practices. You have a day job, and a demanding one at that. Who has time to attend school or sift through industry news? Read more


Winning in Denial Management
For many health care providers, keeping up with changes in coding requirements and payer rules is an ongoing challenge that is more than a hassle – it’s a pain in the wallet. Managing rejections often involves a significant amount of additional labor that can strain an organization’s financial performance, especially among provider offices that simply don’t have time and staff needed to resolve denials in a timely manner. Read more


The trouble with EOBs
Speedy payment delivery has come a long way with the advent of electronic remittance advice. By swapping paper remittance advice for electronic remittance, providers have reduced errors and rejections due to those errors, cut down on claim follow-up, and expedited posting of payments and account reconciliation. Read more


Value-based payment models expected to reach tipping point
A majority of health plans — nearly 60 percent — project that more than half of their business will be supported by value-based payment models in the next five years, according to a new research study from Availity. Read more


It’s a new brand day
If you haven’t already heard, the product formerly known as RealMed recently became Availity Revenue Cycle Management. With the name change has come a modern new look and a renewed promise to help health care professionals build healthier businesses.
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Preparing for ICD-10
With all the demands on your busy office, the last thing you want to worry about is your clearinghouse or practice management system’s readiness for ICD-10. But because the readiness of your business partners can affect your practice’s revenue stream — and many providers still need to update or replace software to achieve compliance — it’s important to know where Availity stands. Read more


Introducing Comparative Analytics
Availity’s Revenue Cycle Management product now offers a Comparative Analytics tool for physicians to benchmark and improve upon key business health metrics. The result is greater visibility and control over a practice’s business performance. Read more


Focus on revenue cycle to offset unfavorable market conditions
At Availity, we often hear from health care providers about the troubles they face in managing their revenue cycle – after all, if they are looking for or using a revenue cycle management system, they are often trying to resolve a revenue challenge. Read more


Maximize payment with accurate coding, clean claims
In the 1990s, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services introduced the National Correct Coding Initiative to promote accurate coding and minimize incorrect coding and fraud. It helped reduce delays, denials and inquiries that can bog down a practice’s accounts receivables. NCCI edits are now a nationally recognized and widely used standard for editing claims for accurate coding and reporting of services. Read more


The importance of ‘defining expectations’ of your revenue cycle management solution
Ask 100 people what revenue cycle management means, and you’re likely to get 100 different responses. Read more


Just when you thought you were done, there’s more!
Between now and 2016, the industry will undergo significant transformation as it works toward achieving new standards for transactions and electronic medical records.
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Availity operates one of the nation’s largest health information networks. With origins in a collaborative effort between two of the country’s leading payers, we have taken the insights from our founders, combined it with a spirit of innovation and earned our place as a leader in the health information business. Through our expansive network, we deliver revenue cycle and related business solutions for health care professionals who want to build healthy, thriving organizations.

  • Founded in 2001
  • Russ Thomas, CEO
  • Headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. with offices in Richardson, Texas, Indianapolis, Ind. and  Nashville, Tenn.
  • More than 600 employees
  • Network extends to more than 350,000 active providers, 2,700 hospitals, 575 vendor partners and all health plans nationwide
  • Core products include Availity Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Access, Advanced Clearinghouse, Web Portal
  • HITRUST certified, EHNAC certified

12/11/12 Availity selects Juniper Networks to deliver secure information and support healthcare reform
“We value a technology leader that understands the network communication needs unique to health care organizations. Our close collaboration with Juniper enabled us to create a system that is compliant with the strictest regulatory measures for security and yet provides us flexibility and scale to meet the demands of our market. The QFabric deployment will allow us to launch versatile and efficient health information services to help the health care system achieve better quality, performance and resiliency without burdening cost,” said Trent Gavazzi, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Availity. Read more


10/1/12 FL agency launches online personal health records for Medicaid recipients
Florida Medicaid recipients can use the My Florida Health eBook to track information about health care visits, procedures, medications, immunizations and more, thanks to an innovative partnership between the Agency, Availity, HealthTrio LLC, and Healthwise.
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9/20/12 Availity achieves EHNAC Healthcare Network Accreditation
Health information network Availity today announced it has achieved renewed accreditation with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission, a non-profit standards development organization and accrediting body that recognizes excellence in health data processing and transactions. Read more


9/10/12 Availity and Medecision innovate to improve care transitions, reduce preventable hospital readmissions
Hospital information sent to care managers in real-time, for most effective intervention. Helps ensure a smooth transition of care, improve outcomes.
Read more


7/31/12 Availity’s “ICD-10 Webinar Series” delivers free education for physicians
The ICD-10 Webinar Series, which will feature national health care industry experts and address key issues associated with the new medical code set, kicks off Aug. 23. The series is complimentary for medical industry professionals, thanks to sponsorships by Scrubin Uniforms and Florida Blue, in partnership with RealMed, an Availity company. Read more


6/20/12 RealMed solution delivers savings for WellPoint, improved revenue cycle for physicians
After completing a highly successful pilot program, (which resulted in up to 30% reductions in paper claims, phone calls, denials, and pended claims), WellPoint will expand its sponsorship of RealMed – Availity’s revenue cycle management solution – across all of its markets. WellPoint will work with RealMed to continuously improve workflow rules and editing within its claims processes, to improve its first-pass clean claims and auto-adjudication rates for physicians, further improving the physician revenue cycle and speed of payment. Read more


6/19/12 Availity expands network with clinical capabilities and connectivity
JACKSONVILLE, FL – Health information network Availity today launched its suite of expanded clinical documentation capabilities, announcing that four major health plans, seven vendor partners, and multiple physician groups and hospitals are live and successfully utilizing these solutions across its network. The solution suite automates the costly, manual exchange of clinical information needed to support today’s revenue cycle, as well as emerging value-based payment models and quality improvement programs. The announcement comes as Availity participates in the annual conference for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read more


6/5/12 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Brings cost savings and administrative efficiencies to Colorado physicians and hospitals
DENVER – June 5, 2012 – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Colorado today announced its participation in Availity, a leading health information network that more than 12,000 health care providers in Colorado can now access for eligibility checks, claims submission and other electronic transactions. Read more


6/5/12 Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Brings cost savings and administrative efficiencies to Nevada physicians and hospitals
LAS VEGAS – June 5, 2012 – Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada today announced its participation in Availity, a leading health information network that more than 4,000 health care providers in Nevada can now access for eligibility checks, claims submission and other electronic transactions.
Read more


5/23/12 Miller joins Availity as SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development
Health information network Availity has named Ryan Miller as its Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development. Miller, whose emphasis will be to drive strategies for growth through core business scale and diversification, brings 15 years’ experience in strategy development, with a significant background in business development, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. Read more


3/27/12 Reece joins Availity as Vice President of Human Resources
Health information network Availity has named Susan Reece as its new Vice President of Human Resources, to underscore the importance of human capital for continued growth under the company’s newly installed CEO, Russ Thomas. Read more


2/23/12 Adventist Health System accelerates revenue receipt, improves workflow
RealMed helped Adventist Health System achieve 17 percent better time-to-payment, automated workflows, and standardization across multiple physician practices and seven central billing offices, according to a case study released today at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society’s Annual Conference. Read more


1/31/12 Availity achieves HITRUST Certification
“HITRUST certification effectively tells business partners that Availity takes protecting their clients’ data seriously” said Chris Hourihan, director at Meditology Services, an Atlanta-based health care IT and risk management firm. “From Availity’s standpoint, that means fewer audits, allowing the company to focus on other things, like helping to reduce the cost of health care nationwide.” Read more