What’s it like to navigate the healthcare system as a patient? In Availity’s new three-part video series, Bill’s Journey, you can see firsthand how the relationship between health plans and healthcare providers affects his care. 

Bill is an ordinary guy with typical health issues. In this first episode, he finds a new doctor and goes through a routine physical. He gets referred to a specialist who works with Bill’s primary care physician and his health insurance company to create a plan that keeps Bill healthy. What’s great about this type of collaboration? Everyone gets timely updates on Bill’s health, and he has a comprehensive plan that minimizes the risk of costly unplanned care.

This video shows that when health plans and healthcare providers effectively share information, their collaboration reduces costs, improves outcomes, and boosts patient satisfaction.

In the next episode, “Bill Visits the Hospital,”  Bill’s trip to the Grand Tetons for a hike doesn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped. Stay tuned.