Availity Payer Spaces For Health Plans
Payer Spaces

Deliver the right information to providers at the right time, in the right place

Payer Spaces helps health plans connect with providers by offering a custom, branded space within the provider’s existing workflow on Availity’s Provider Engagement Portal. Payer Spaces makes it easier for providers to find up-to-date information from health plans, reducing calls to support.


  • Secure branded space ensures consistency with health plan's branding. 
  • Featured message promotes time-sensitive health plan information.
  • Multi-tabbed space helps providers find what they need.
  • Enhanced payer contact channels makes it easy for providers to access health plan resources.


  • Reduce infrastructure spend by offering a complete developer platform and tools, which eliminates the need for additional hardware or software.
  • Achieve faster solution delivery by leveraging a self-development option where health plans with dedicated IT resources can handle much of the application development themselves.
  • Improve communication with providers by making critical information available in the workflow.
  • Better insight into provider usage trends with basic usage reporting along with advanced metrics and monitoring.
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