Availity News and Press Releases
Availity’s Payer Spaces allows health plans to create, post, organize and promote payer-branded information and applications, enhancing provider engagement while reducing costs.

Jacksonville, Fla—November 25, 2015—Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, offers health plans an elegant and unique new solution to enhance collaboration and efficiency with providers. This innovative resource will also reduce administrative costs and burdens on both sides of the health care spectrum.

Payer Spaces provides health plans a branded, consumer-focused space within Availity’s multi-payer provider engagement portal in which to create, post, and organize information, links and applications, allowing providers intuitive and consistent access to the tools they need to run their businesses within their existing workflow.

“With Availity Payer Spaces, we can create Humana-specific tools on Availity’s multi-payer provider engagement portal that reinforce Humana’s brand and bring added value to our health care providers by building upon the core HIPAA X12 transactions available as a multi-payer solution,” said Sid Hebert, director of Humana’s ICD-10 Process Implementation Team.

Though Availity has long provided a place for health plans to share tools and resources, Payer Spaces takes this concept to the next level by allowing health plans to leverage Availity’s multi-payer provider engagement portal to innovate branded solutions for providers while minimizing administrative and content development costs.

All of Availity’s health plan partners and their branded content are transitioning to Payer Spaces. However, health plans can opt for a premium experience that allows them to create content and leverage advanced reporting to promote and optimize engagement with providers.

“Availity Payer Spaces is an evolutionary step forward in the rapid development and deployment of apps,” Patrick Murta, Enterprise Architect for Interoperability, at Humana, which currently has two apps in production—credentialing status and prior authorization for pharmacy. “This tool brings mobile-like development officially into the healthcare space. Within weeks of getting access to the tool, we were using internal resources to develop cutting edge applications using the many pre-built widgets and web APIs.”

“Health plans spend a lot of time and money developing new applications,” said Jack Hunt, Availity’s Vice President & General Manager, Technology Platform Solutions. “With Availity’s Developer Toolkit, health plans can use our templates to easily self-develop new content and applications, dramatically reducing their development and infrastructure costs. We also provide training and support to help the plans deploy their content, target specific provider markets, measure results and increase adoption with advanced reporting and insights—all while maintaining their brand integrity and value to providers.”