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Relieves audit burden for clients, demonstrates continuing security commitment

Availity has earned its second Common Security Framework (CSF) certification from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). In 2012, Availity was the first health information network to achieve the distinction.
The CSF certification assures Availity’s customers that it meets the stringent criteria set by HITRUST, a leading information security benchmark in the health care industry. The widely recognized and well-respected credential demonstrates Availity’s commitment to safeguarding protected health information and mitigates the need for Availity’s customers to conduct costly third party audits.
“We commend Availity, not for just their commitment in safeguarding health information, but for advocating a more efficient and effective approach for third party compliance across the entire health care industry,” said Daniel Nutkis, CEO, HITRUST. “Availity recognized the approach used in the health care industry to assess the security posture of trading partners was highly dysfunctional, inefficient and championed for a more effective approach leveraging the CSF. We are pleased to see them reaping the rewards for their leadership.”
“The continued achievement of HITRUST CSF certification will foster a sustainable trust model for the health care industry,” said Jon Moore, Humana’s Chief Information Security Officer. “Humana supports and applauds companies like Availity for maintaining its HITRUST CSF certification and the value it adds to the overall trust model for the health care industry.”
The CSF synthesizes regulations in HIPAA and the HITECH Act, as well as the CMS Information Security-Acceptable Risk Safeguards, FTC Red Flags Rule, CAQH CORE and nationally and globally recognized standards such as ISO, NIST 800, COBIT 5, PCI and the JCAHO Information Management Standards, in addition to state data protection laws in Massachusetts, Nevada and Texas.
“This credential reinforces Availity’s unwavering commitment to protecting our clients from security risk while serving as a trusted partner for exchange of critical health information” said Russ Thomas, Availity CEO. “We believe the future of health care requires real-time access to trusted health information, provided in a secure, safe environment. Our HITRUST certification reflects our commitment to this mission.”
The Health Information Trust Alliance reviews the assurance criteria annually and updates it based on changing regulations and industry analysis.