Availity News and Press Releases
Availity and WellPoint, Inc. have completed the migration of portal activity of participating providers in WellPoint’s affiliated health plans in California, Colorado, Nevada, and New York to the Availity Web Portal. The successful conversion closed one of the last phases of a project which enables providers to use Availity in place of the previous provider portal as the access point for conducting online health care transactions with the company’s affiliated health plans in 14 states and 13 additional plans and government plans across the country. The milestone marked an ambitious undertaking that was achieved with virtually no disruption to provider or health plan workflows.
“The decision to move portal activity to availity.com was based on the proven value a multi-payer approach would bring to participating providers in our affiliated health plans, and Availity’s ability to demonstrate value and deliver workflow efficiencies for both providers and for WellPoint,” said Dan McCoy, senior vice president of Commercial Operations for WellPoint.
Since the project started in 2012, Availity has welcomed more than 62,000 new provider sites to the Availity Web Portal, working closely with WellPoint to ensure a smooth, seamless transition.
“The sheer scope and volume of new customers involved in this conversion placed a huge demand on both Availity and WellPoint for a streamlined, well-orchestrated initiative,” said Russ Thomas, Availity CEO. “For our customers across all of our markets, including physicians and affiliated providers in these new regions, we have affirmed our commitment to be daily relevant in helping them improve the health of their businesses.”
“Any time large amounts of information are exchanged between two companies, it creates the potential for a multitude of challenges,” said John Jesser, vice president of Provider Engagement Strategy for WellPoint. “The successful transition of affiliated health plan provider portals in four additional states that are among our largest in terms of business is a testament to the strength of both teams and that of Availity’s Web Portal functionality.”
“We’ve always believed that a national multi-payer approach to physician and health plan engagement is critical to improving health care quality and reducing overall cost. To be trusted by so many plans across the country is a real honor and highly valued throughout our organization,” said Thomas. “Our job is to make physician-health plan interactions simple, efficient, and valuable to both parties, and we are proud to do that for so many.”